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Handmade Natural Rubber Gumboots for Children-Yellow

Handmade Natural Rubber Gumboots for Children-Yellow

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The new generation of rubber boots made from natural rubber by BMS has been completely redeveloped. The recipe has been further optimized. Natural rubber has become even softer, more elastic and more durable.

Particular attention was paid to the newly developed sole. It is very non-slip - a deep profile, in which dirt and mud settles, is not necessary. In addition, the sole is more abrasion-resistant and elastic. A special detail is the recess for the rubber bridge of the BMS Buddelhose. Children love these beautiful and comfortable rubber boots made of natural rubber.

This rubber boot was made for you by hand - so it is unique. The correct handling of natural rubber and the complex vulcanization is very complex. Therefore, despite all care, irregularities can occur during processing - they have no influence on the service life, function and utility value of the rubber boots.

  • Outer material : natural rubber
  • Inner stocking : 100% natural cotton
  • Sole : natural rubber
  • Closure : slip-on
  • Packaging : High quality folding carton
  • Insole : removable

Care instructions so that you can enjoy your boots for a long time:

  • Ideally, dirt is removed after each wear. Only use clear water for cleaning. In the case of heavy soiling, lukewarm "light soapy water" and a soft brush can be used. Never work on the boots with coarse brushes/sponges and cleaners/solvents.
  • UV rays from the sun, frost, oils and fats can damage natural rubber. This makes it porous and brittle.
  • In order to dry the inside of the boot, please do not place it directly next to a heat source (heater / fan heater). Either use commercially available boot dryers that are suitable for rubber boots. Alternatively, you can stuff the boots with newspaper and let them dry overnight.

Insole dimensions:
In order to find out the right size, shoes and boots should ideally be tried on and bought in a specialist shop. As a rule of thumb, the insole should be 0.5 - 1.1 cm larger than the standing child's foot.

size 21 / inner length approx. 13.5 cm - inner width approx. 6.0 cm
size 22 / inner length approx. 14.0 cm - inner width approx. 6.1 cm
size 23 / inner length approx. 14.5 cm - inner width approx. 6.3 cm
size 24 / inner length approx. 15.0 cm - inner width approx. 6.5 cm
size 25 / inner length approx. 15.5 cm - inner width approx. 6.7 cm
size 26 / inner length approx. 16.3 cm - inner width approx. 6.8 cm
size 27 / inner length approx. 17.0 cm - inner width approx. 7.0 cm
size 28 / inner length approx. 17.5 cm - inner width approx. 7.1 cm
size 29 / inner length approx. 18.5 cm - inner width approx. 7.2 cm
size 30 / inner length approx. 19.0 cm - inner width approx. 7.3 cm

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