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Hemp Multi Cap

Hemp Multi Cap

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Summer MultiCap
Material: Hemp 55% / Organic Cotton 45%.

This design has multiple functions, like most ManyMonths items. The MultiCap looks like a legionnaire hat and can be used as a normal, soft cap or with the legionnaire part attached thanks to gorgeous coconut buttons. The visor in the front protects from bright sunlight and the legionnaire part is long enough to cover the neck and wide enough

to cover the child's ears as well. The legionnaire part is made of hemp/organic cotton jersey and elasticated, which offers a great fit and makes it soft and lovely in everyday use. Trendy vintage feel.

The smaller size fits a baby from just a few weeks of age and the bigger size is even suitable for many mums.


How to choose the size according to head circumference:

Charmer-Adventurer    ca 43-52 cm

Adventurer & Beyond  ca 47-57 cm 




In addition to the wool collection MaMidea  also has the Manymonths Eco-hempies collection. This collection consists of wonderfully comfortable clothing, made of hemp (55%) and lightweight linen made of organic cotton (45%). Hemp is one of the most sustainable clothing fabrics, because it grows quickly, provides strong fiber and requires less water. Nice and cool in the summer, even in hot and humid climates, and warm during the spring and fall.

The fabric, in combination with organic cotton, is breathable and only gets softer and better after washing and wearing it.



  • Durable: long strong fiber structure (10 times stronger than cotton)
  • Breathable and less likely to absorb odors
  • can absorb up to 20% of its weight and still feels dry to touch
  • Keeps its shape well
  • Naturally UV-resistant. UPF>50
  • Naturally antibacterial
  • One of the fastest growing crops
  • Multiple harvests per year possible
  • Grows twice as fast as cotton
  • Cultivation is environmentally friendly: little to no fertilizer required


Why choose a protective hat for your child?

It is common that children receive 50% of the entire life-term UV dose during childhood. The child's sensitive skin burns more easily than the skin of adults. Depending on skin type, already 5-40 minutes in the sun can cause sunburns. Our skin never forgets the childhood burns and it may later even lead to skin cancer. The children themselves cannot ensure adequate protection, it has to be the adult’s task.



ManyMonths ECO Hempies - This is Why!

Hempies are particularly durable due to hemp's long, strong fibre structure. Stay comfortable in any weather: cool in the summer even in hot and humid climates, and warm during spring and fall. Combine with Woollies during the coldest season. Minimal ecological footprint, hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fibres in the world; our ECO Woven and ECO Jersey fabrics are completely biodegradable. A win-win for both your child and the environment!

Why have we chosen hemp fabric for our collection?

The hemp fibre is porous, which means that it breathes very well and feels wonderfully cool in the summer. Still, it is considered to be about ten times stronger than cotton, and thus tends to be much more durable in use. Hemp clothing softens perfectly in use, so these garments quickly become favourites we don’t want to take off at all.

The hemp crop doesn’t need herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or even fertilizers to grow, so its cultivation is environmentally friendly and the clothing naturally safe to use

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